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 GS Application for Lonely

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PostSubject: GS Application for Lonely   GS Application for Lonely EmptyFri Jul 01, 2011 10:28 am

Hello All My Really name is Yordan I am on 17 old play shaiya from 6 years. First i start with OS Shaiya next this i continued with Privates Servers ... I have my Private server which i closed yesterday for come play in Easy Shaiya Smile I am GS,GMA and GM in others private servers. Now i wanna am Game Sage in Easy Shaiya Smile I am active player ON 24/7 , will make PvP batter ! This is Smile If you Like me can vote Smile Name in Game is Lonely, Guild Lead of -Eternity- AoL
GS Application for Lonely Shaiya0022a
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GS Application for Lonely
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