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 Where drop?

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Where drop? Empty
PostSubject: Where drop?   Where drop? EmptySun Jun 26, 2011 2:23 pm

Hi all, 1st of all sorry i can only speak (even if im not) english lol.

i am new and i didnt see any drop list over here.

btw i want to know where can i drop godess/legend gear lv50+ and same for wepons? and i saw on forum that we have to kill one mob in map 2 to get lv46 but i killed one mob in kalamus house (with bdc and xp stone on) which was blue and uped only lv34.. so maybe the server isnt updated every day or so ...

in waiting for some answers, thank you

PS: i wanna know what time is it for u romanian players right now please to see when i have most chance to pvp with u . thx

EDIT: i forgot to ask, where get jewels (ring necklace etc) for lv50+ too?

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Where drop? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Where drop?   Where drop? EmptyMon Jun 27, 2011 12:38 am

Everything drops in jungle or dd1, u can get wepons and lapis verry easy from all mobs, accesory drops in jungle at trolls.
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Where drop?
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